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Activities In Sariska

Other Attractions in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary


The Kankwadi Fort : Among the historic landmarks located within the Sariska National Park, includes the Kankwadi For, where, Emperor Aurangzeb once imprisoned his brother, Dara Shikoh.

Hanuman Temple

The ancient hanuman temple at Sariska is called Pandu Pole. It is hidden well amidst the green foliage of the forest and creates a mysterious ambience. There is a giant idol of Hanuman that is present in a reclined position and goes back to the days of Mahabharata. There are hundreds of monkeys and langurs running about the hanuman temple premises. Most of these are harmless.


Another interesting place among the places to see in Sariska and a major attraction for the tourists is the Pandupol. It is also the most frequently visited spot inside the Sariska National Park. According to the legend, the Pandavas spent some part of their exile period at the Pandupol in Sariska. This has given the place a significant historical importance and a reason why so many tourists stop to visit the Pandupol en route to the national park. History also claims that it is here at Pandupol that Bhima, who acquired the strength of a thousand elephants, had been defeated in the ego battle by Lord Hanuman.


The pandupol is a natural arch that has been engraved in the limestone because of the action of water, several hundred feet above the ground. There is a beautiful waterfall that is created at the pandupol in Sariska during the rainy seasons.

The Ancient Shiva Temples : Within the area of the Sariska tiger sanctuary, Neelkanth temples, that dates back to the 6th-13th century AD, now in ruins, afford a wonderful sight to the visitors.

The Palace : Sariska was known as the royal reserve of the rulers of Alwar. This palace built by the Maharajas of Alwar, has now been converted into a hotel.

Best Time to Visit Sariska Tiger Reserve

November to March is the best period to visit Sariska. April, May and June is better for game viewing around water holes though it is the driest and hottest season of the year. In short Sariska awaits you any time of the year.


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