Welcome to Sariska Tiger Heaven

The closest property to the tiger reserve, Sariska Tiger Heaven stands as one of the oldest, most experienced and cherished establishments in the heart of Sariska. Our hospitality spans over 24 years now and we take great pride that ours is a property that's closest to the tiger reserve gate and borders an active wildlife area. So, don’t be surprised if you hear the different animal calls in the evening. On a good day, you may even get to see these animals!!

Why Choose Us

A Legacy of Excellence

With a rich history spanning more than two decades, Sariska Tiger Heaven has been a beacon of hospitality in the region. Perfect for workacations and nature lovers, our jungle resort is dedicated to creating lasting memories for our guests.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Founder & Chairman: Dinesh Verma Durani

"Sariska has always had a special place in my heart as it is a promising haven for not just an abundance of flora and fauna but also rich cultural and mythological significance. And for these factors, I decided to have a place of mine here to seal this union forever."

Born and brought up in Bharatpur, Mr. Durani’s life has always been driven by birds and mammals that determined his choice of career. In 1982 on a visit to the Royal Chitwan National Park in Nepal, Mr Durani was credited with the first sighting of a Dusky Eagle Owl after nearly 150 years and since then several species thought to be lost in other parks of India and Nepal. Mr Durani has over 40 years of experience of leading groups from all over the world, specializing in Wildlife observation and currently is the Founder Secretary of the Sariska Tiger Foundation, an organisation that works to preserve and conserve the tigers of Sariska and their natural habitat.

Managing Director: Manu Verma Durrani

"I spent my childhood in Sariska, and after years in bustling metropolises, dedicated to music composition and laying the groundwork for hotel management, my journey completed a full circle upon my arrival at Sariska Tiger Heaven. Here, in the tranquil embrace of the jungle, I discovered not just a destination but a genuine home."

Growing up under my father's tutelage, I inherited my love for nature and cultivated my sensitivity towards wild animals from a very early age. It was his teachings and my interest that helped me come back to my roots and start my journey as a conservationist. I completed my education in hospitality and later studied music before finally coming back to Sariska and taking care of my home.

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